Names of tungsten

May we should call tungsten just as element because its Atomic number is 74, but there are different given names of tungsten in different languages worldwide, according to our study, the name given to tungsten as below:

Tungsten Wolfram
Tungsteno Volfram
Tungstène Wolfraam
Wolframio Tungstênio

But, as it was known, the major tungsten nature resources, tungsten mines and tungsten ores are in the Chinese Mainland, so the Chinese name of tungsten is very important in the field of tungsten research and industry.

Tungsten in our Chinese is named 鎢(Wu), it is just from the pronouncing of the west languages such as English. 鎢(Wu) is the simplified Chinese, and the traditional Chinese is 鎢(Wu). 鎢, in Chinese has two means: a bird, black, so we can understand it “ a metallic black bird, 烏(Wu)means black and crow(烏鴉). Most metals, especially rare earth metals are always named as this ways in Chinese for they were found in the west but imported and introduced into Chinese later.