Tungsten Dart Dictionary

Tungsten dart dictionary is various tungsten dart words which are used in the game.

Tungsten Dart Dictionary

Right church, wrong pew (Right House, Wrong Bed): Throwing to the wrong double or triple rings beside to where you are aiming at.

Robin hood: Throwing a dart into the shaft of last dart.

Shanghai: Players take turns throwing at the numbers 1, 2, and so on, in sequence, until 7. They try to score as many points as possible per turn (using all three darts).

Shut out: Lose a game without getting even one score.

Skunked: Lose a game without getting even one score.

Slop: Throwing to a wrong number after aiming.

Spider: The metal wires to mark off numbers in dartboard.

Splash: Darts rebound from boards.

Stem: Also called shaft, usually made of nylon, plastic, aluminum, etc.

Straight in: Games counting from first throwing without any special notes.

Three in a bed: Three darts in one turn thrown in same score.

Throw line: The line behind which the throwing player must stand.

Toe line: The line behind which the throwing player must stand.

Ton: Got a score of 100 in '01 games, e.g. A ton 80 means a score of 180.

Triple: The inside ring of a dartboard, where the scores are tripled.

Upstairs: The upper half of a dartboard, always refers to areas of 20 in '01 games.

Wire: Miss the correct number at aim by throwing the other number divided by same wire.

XX: Win by shooting double 1.

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