Tungsten Putty, Tungsten Plastic

What Is Tungsten Putty, Tungsten Plastic?

Tungsten putty and tungsten plastic is consisting of tungsten powder and polymer material, which has high properties, such as plasticity, high density but small volume, non-toxic, etc. Therefore, it is widely used as counterweight, fishing weight parts, radiation protection elements. For tungsten putty, density can be controlled at 8.0g/cm3 ~ 10.0 g/cm3; for tungsten plastic, density could be controlled at about 10.0g/cm3, Chinatungsten could adjust the density slightly so as to meet the customers’ requirements. Since tungsten putty is very soft and plasticity, compared with tungsten heavy alloy material, it should be the much suitable choice for counterweight assembled in the limited space. For tungsten plastic, as for its strong plasticity, it could be made into different shapes according to customer's application and requirements, such as rod, block, etc. Chinatungsten can also design and make special mold for client, manufacturing the products as per client’s special dimension requirement, so as to provide with customized products.

Tungsten Plastic with Cylinder Shape Flat Tungsten Putty

Why Choose Tungsten Putty, Tungsten Plastic?

Due to its high density and plasticity, tungsten putty is often used as a counterweight, such as Pinewood Derby toy car weight for children, which is one kind of the most popular gravity sliding car toys in Western countries.

As its limited space for the car, but it need the heavy weight, then to increase the stability of the car is very important when driving and cornering. Using a high density of the weight in a narrow space will be a good idea, and tungsten material will be the best choice, because tungsten has a sludge adhesion and easy to make into various shapes according to the needs of the players themselves, in small body but high density, at this point, it is better than traditional weight in high density. In fishing field, tungsten plastic usually made as fishing sinker, which could accelerate weight of the sinker sinking speed in the water, besides, the material is non-toxic and non-polluting, so it has been widely adopted.

The special nature makes tungsten plastic material with tungsten content at least 60% in a greater density, but it does not means it is metal material. Under the normal temperature, tungsten plastic is solid; however, it should be changed easily by the external force, and the hardness is not so great, due to it is a polymer, the surface performances quite different from the traditional tungsten products and tungsten plastic, the tungsten plastic is a little rough, but the tungsten alloys could be machined and polished and has a metallic luster. However, due to its plasticity and strong thermoplastic, tungsten plastic could be made at the bowl shape, in this point, tungsten plastic makes up for the shortage of high-density tungsten alloy, although tungsten alloy also has good processability, due to its high hardness, the cutting tools will be worn easily, then the cost will be higher, so tungsten plastic has the advantage in the case. For its special and high density properties, tungsten plastic is often adopted in some certain fields such as radiation protection and fishing, etc.

Tungsten Putty  Tungsten Fishing Plastic

Tungsten Putty, Tungsten Plastic MSDS

Although tungsten putty, tungsten plastic material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, however, as it is will be made ??into the final product, child is likely to come into contact with, therefore, it is better to remind children not to eat, besides, after using toys with tungsten putty, they should remember to wash their hands, especially under the parents’ care, so as to avoid accidents. At the same time, suggested that parents try to tungsten or tungsten resin mud on food from distant places, so as to avoid eating take. When using tungsten putty or tungsten plastic, children must be accompanied by their parents so as to avoid accidents, as there may need to use a knife or scissors to cut.

Tungsten Fishing Plastic with Hook  Tungsten Putty with Ball Shape

Chinatungsten could not only manufacture tungsten putty and tungsten plastic as per client’s requirement, but also could provide customer with special professional server such as package, label, color, etc. If have any interests, please contact [email protected]

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