Tungsten Alloy Balancing Weights

Chinatungsten Online is a primary source for tungsten-based heavy metal products. The special high specific density characteristics and slight or non-magnetic properties make tungsten ideal for a variety of low volume/high weight applications in the Aerospace industry. Chinatungsten Online 's tungsten products are installed in a variety of aircrafts and serve as tungsten alloy balancing weights in the wing fuselage, vertical (rudder) and horizontal (elevator) stabilizers, in helicopter rotors (bifilars), propellers and Aerospace instruments. The majority of tungsten alloy balancing weights that Chinatungsten Online supplies are flight safety products. Chinatungsten Online's products have been installed in more than a dozen different types of aircrafts, including the Boeing 747-400, 737, 767, 757, Gulfstream G-150 & G-200 and Sikorsky UH-60.

tungsten alloy balance weight-01tungsten alloy balance weight-02

Chinatungsten Online’s impressive blending and sintering facilities are backed by metallurgical, chemical and mechanical laboratories equipped with state-of-the art systems. This includes an ICP spectroscope, a scanning electron microscope and other methods of chemical and mechanical analysis.

We can manufacture a wide range of tungsten alloy balancing weights, from standard to tailor-made alloys according to customer requirements.Tungsten alloy balancing weight offerd by us is high quality.

Chinatungsten Online’s machining capabilities enable it to manufacture an impressive variety of part shapes, sizes and weights. Chinatungsten Online is approved by ISO9001:2000.

So if you have any interest in tungsten alloy balancing weight, please just feel free to contact our sales team [email protected], [email protected].

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