Tungsten Alloy Prefabricated Fragments

Fragmentation warhead is one of the main types of warheads. Tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments are the process by which the casing of an artillery shell bomb grenade, etc.Tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments are shattered by the detonating high explosive (HE) filling. The correct technical terminology for these casing pieces is fragments (sometimes shortened to frags), although shards or splinters can be used for non-preformed fragments. The tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments can also be preformed and of various shapes (spheres, cubes, etc.) and sizes. Tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments are normally held rigidly within some form of matrix or body until the HE filling is detonated. The resulting high velocity fragments produced by either method are the main lethal mechanisms of these weapons, rather than the heat or overpressure caused by detonation. Can be used for anti-effectives (human, animal), armor less or light armored vehicles, aircraft, radars, missiles and other weapons and equipment.

The term shrapnel is often incorrectly used to refer to fragments produced by any explosive weapon. However, a shrapnel shell functions differently than a high explosive shell. A shrapnel shell consists of a shell casing filled with tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments such as: tungsten columns, tungsten, steel or lead balls, with a small explosive charge at the base of the shell and a nose fuse. When the projectile is fired, it travels a pre-set distance before the fuse ignites the explosive charge in the base of the shell. The fuse also typically fractures the nose of the shell to open a path for the tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments. Upon ignition, the explosive charge shoots the fragments from the shell in a forward cone. The casing of a shrapnel shell does not fragment like a high explosive shell, thus, technically, the balls shot from the shrapnel shell are "shrapnel" whereas the pieces of shattered shell casing of a high explosive shell are "fragments" or "splinters.

Another artillery round similar to shrapnel is canister, sometimes called case shot. Canister is a simple sheet metal casing filled with tungsten, steel or leads balls. Upon firing, the casing fractures as it exits the muzzle of the gun and dispenses the balls from the guns muzzle much like a shotgun. The practical differences between canister and shrapnel is that canister is only effective at short range (less than 200 yards/183m), whereas a shrapnel shell can travel hundreds of meters downrange before the fuse activates the explosive charge, thus it can be effective at much longer ranges.

In grenades tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments forming a pre-processing will be in shape and quality of pre-designed steel balls, steel arrows, tungsten balls, tungsten and other prefabricated column fragments produced prefabricated sets of body fragments, and installed in the grenade projectile outer surface or inner surface. These prefabricated projectile fragmentation grenade explosion with the formation of fragments together constitute the natural fragmentation field.

Tungsten Alloy Ball for Prefabricated Fragments

Tungsten alloy ball
Specification: Φ2mm-Φ100mm
Density: ≤18.5g/cm3
Application: High density tungsten alloy ball usually use as prefabricated fragment in ammunition.

China Tungsten specializes in advanced tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments. Our products meet the highest standards We are waiting for your specifications or please choose from the wide range of already available products.

Brands Physical and mechanical properties
Density g/cm3 Hardness HRC Tensile strength MPa Elongation % Toughness MJ/m2
W263H 17.25±0.15 ≥35 ≥1050 ≥8 ≥0.3
W253H 17.40±0.15 ≥35 ≥1050 ≥8 ≥0.3
W243H 17.60±0.15 ≥35 ≥1050 ≥7 ≥0.3
W232H 18.10±0.15 ≥37 ≥1050 ≥6 ≥0.1
W231H 18.30±0.15 ≥37 ≥1050 ≥3 ≥0.1
W221H 18.50±0.15 ≥37 ≥1050 ≥2 ≥0.07
W243H 17.60±0.15 ≥40 ≥1300 ≥6 ≥0.15
W232E 18.10±0.15 ≥40 ≥1300 ≥6 ≥0.15
W273 17.10±0.15 ≥23 ≥900 ≥24 ≥1.30
W263 17.25±0.15 ≥23 ≥900 ≥23 ≥1.20
W253 17.40±0.15 ≥24 ≥900 ≥22 ≥1.10
W243 17.60±0.15 ≥24 ≥920 ≥20 ≥0.90
W232 18.10±0.15 ≥25 ≥920 ≥14 ≥0.45
W231 18.30±0.15 ≥26 ≥920 ≥12 ≥0.30
W221 18.50±0.15 ≥27 ≥920 ≥10 ≥0.22
WNiCu 16.00-18.50 ≥22 ≥450 2-8      /

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