Tungsten Alloy Aircraft

Tungsten alloy is generally used by aerospace designers for balancing components or reducing vibration. Tungsten alloy aircraft with high density allows maximum sensitivity from optimum mass and is particularly valuable in situations where a large mass has to be contained in a confined space.

Applications of Tungsten Alloy Aircraft

Trim weights

tungsten alloy aircraft parts

Used to achieve final balance in an individual component, assembly or complete aircraft.

Anti-flutter weights

Used to reduce any tendency to flutter in wings and other components.

Flight control surfaces

Tungsten alloy aircraft components such as ailerons, flaps, rudders and elevators are fitted with tungsten alloy aircraftcounterweights to optimize their performance.

Anti-vibration weights

Weights have been used to deaden vibration in applications such as the pilot's stick and in riveting tooling. The same principle is used to increase passenger comfort by reducing vibration within the body of the aircraft - this is particularly valuable in turboprops and helicopters.

Rotor blades

Helicopter rotor blades require both static and dynamic balancing.

Propeller blades

Tungsten alloy aircraft counterweights are designed into a propeller fail-safe system to prevent overspeeding.

Inertial systems

Rotating parts in gyroscopic controls are often made from material because of its high angular momentum. These applications are typically found in avionics and missiles.

Ballast weights

tungsten alloy aircraft

Tungsten alloy aircraft weights are frequently used in development or prototype work to simulate the weight of equipment or passengers during test flights.


Balls: φ 2mm above
Shafts: (φ2mm above)×( ength max.600mm)
Sheets: (Thickness 0.15mm above) ×(Wideness max.200mm)×(Length max.500mm)
Square, round and rectangle sizes: diameter 550mm above
According the demanding.

Tungsten alloy aircraft products are widely used in airspace, aircraft and air fighter. So if you got any enquiry or question about tungsten alloy aircraft, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], [email protected]. Price will be offered based on size, density, quantity, hardness, and any other specific requirements.

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