Tungsten and molybdenum "wechat" platform

Concerned about the tungsten and molybdenum Wechat platform, cell phone daily to keep abreast of tungsten and molybdenum products product prices and market dynamics

Subscribe tungsten and molybdenum Wechat:

·Wechat two-dimensional code scanning
·Find Public Road:Chinatungsten Online
·Or search for Micro Signal chinatungsten

How to access and share

·Click on the top right corner -> Sharing circle of friends
·Click on the top right corner -> Copy Link,Can be sent to a computer to view

If you do not install the Wechat,Can be installed in the following ways:

·Web downloads:
Web input http://weixin.qq.com,You can download the Wechat

·Other download options:
SMS download
Wx to send text messages
Mobile users: 10657558023309
Unicom users: 1069070089
Telecommunications Users: 1069070089 CDMA users
Later Your phone will receive a text message, or click the link to download the extract

·Mobile Internet downloads
Enter the mobile Internet http://weixin.qq.com/m? Wechat can quickly download

·Tencent mobile phone network to download
Mobile browser to access the phone Tencent http://3g.qq.com ,To download the channel search“Wechat” ,to download

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